Alessandro's statement

Here is the Alessandro's statement on his entrance into the band.

"I'm so excited to begin this path with Lahmia. They are a great band that satisfy all the requirements for aiming so high.
When I received, in May, the offer for collaboration regarding some gigs in summer, I didn't hesitate a minute to accept because I was already a fan of the band, and I've always like their music.

The first time that i met the band, I saw in them dedication, passion and a very big professionalism that I saw rarely in my carreer; during the summer they supported me in every moment, in every situation and with every means possible, thing that, even if I didn't say it before, I've appreciate so much.
And is because of it that, that, when Lahmia officially asked me to enter in this "family", after all those experiences done in oly 3/4 months, I couldn't refused and.. Here I am.
I'd like to thank all members of Lahmia, Fabio Cesarini for the big support and help, all people that support me every day, and last, but not really last, a special thank goes to Davide Celli from A.L Productions.

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